domestic violence

spousal battery

spousal abuse

child abuse

child endangerment




   Domestic Violence covers a broad category of offenses, many of which may or may not involve actual violence or injury. Even non-domestic violence convictions involving violence will result in the loss of an individual's right to possess firearms under California state law for ten years, and a non-domestic violence conviction involving violence towards a spouse or partner will result in a LIFETIME Federal firearms ban.   Also, a domestic violence or child endangerment charge can create a powerful legal presumption against a future award of custody or visitation in a subsequent family law case. A domestic violence or related conviction can have SERIOUS LIFETIME consequences.

   In such cases, it is extremely important to hire a qualified attorney with substantial experience in fighting and handling such cases.

  Jeffrey Craig Stotter provides his clients with compassion, integrity, and undaunted vigor in the field of criminal defense. Mr. Stotter has won felony domestic violence cases before juries. Mr. Stotter accepts select private cases in all areas of criminal law. Mr. Stotter is a member of the National Academy of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the American Civil Liberties Union, the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, and the California Public Defenders' Association.