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Being charged or accused of a crime can be extremely stressful, both on you and those who love you.  We understand that dealing with this situation is of the highest priority, both in providing you with confidence that your case is being handled diligently, enthusiastically, and effectively, and that we are undecidedly on your side no matter what..  Our goal is that you can receive some comfort in this difficult time, knowing that your case is in the hands of expert professionals dedicated to your defense. For over thirty years,  Jeffrey Stotter has devoted his practice to defending the accused and to fighting for the rights of his clients.  Mr. Stotter has won jury trials for individuals charged with first and second degree murder, felony DUI, vehicular homicide, child molestation, domestic violence, robbery, theft, assault, and other serious offenses.  Mr. Stotter has been certified by the California State Bar Association as a Specialist in Criminal Law for over twenty five years.

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At the Stotter Law Office, every case is serious.  From Murder to DUI, we recognize that you deserve our best and outstanding efforts in building your defense.  We have the passion, dedication and experience to provide you with a top-shelf defense.

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