DUI-What's the Cost?

A DUI can have serious and long term consequences.  Even a misdemeanor DUI can result in suspension of your driving privilege, jail time, mandatory counseling and classes, and an increase in your insurance rates for up to three years.  A felony DUI can result in a commitment to State Prison, and even the permanentrevocation of your driving privilege.

Helping You Fight the Charges

DUI & Vehicular Homicide

  • Driving Under the Influence (Alcohol, Drug,s or Marijuana)
  • DUI With Injury
  • Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated​
  • DUI Murder (Watson Murder)
  • Evading Police With Gross Negligence
  • Enhancements (child endangerment, great bodily injury, prior convictions)
  • DMV and your License to Drive


Driving Under the Influence is a broad category of offenses, all involving two essential elements:  1) driving a vehicle while 2) under the influence of alcohol, drugs, prescription medication, marijuana, or some other substance..

In California, the offense requires that you are actually driving.  In other words, sitting in your vehicle while parked, whether or not the car is running, does not satisfy this element.  The law requires that there be “volitional vehicular movement” while under your control.

Likewise, the mere presence of alcohol, drugs, prescription medication or marijuana in your system is not enough.  In order to be guilty of DUI, the prosecution must prove that the you were impaired to the extent that you were unable to drive with the “caution characteristic of a sober person”.

Vehicular Homicide

If you’re found guilty of DUI resulting in a death, you may be charged with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, gross vehicular manslaughter, or even second degree murder.  The penalty for these offenses can be as much as ten years to life in prison.

At the STOTTER LAW OFFICE, we have extensive experience representing individuals charged with alcohol and drug related vehicular manslaughter and murder. 

DMV Proceedings and Your License

The Only Good Fight is One You Win!

“Liberty is the right to do what the law permits.”


know your rights

Persons charged with DUI and other DUI related offenses have the same constitutional rights guaranteed all persons accused of a crime..  This includes the rights to remain silent (“Have you been drinking?), to have independent retests of chemical testing performed by the police,  and to challenge police officers’ opinion of your performance on  coerced balance tests (FSTs).

The Only Good Fight is One You Win!

Let Us Design Your Defense Strategy


One step ahead

Your defense starts with the moment you retain our office to represent you. We will begin obtaining background, witness, and other information for our initial investigation.


building your case

Once we obtain the police reports and “discovery” in your case, we will begin to chart the course of challenging each and every element of the prosecution’s case against you.


achieving your goals

Your individual goals are what drives our strategy in your representation.  Some cases involved an absolute challenge to your culpability.  Many others involve damage control and mitigation of consequences.

You are part of Our family.

At the Stotter Law Office, our clients are family.  We are there for you, 24 hours/day, seven days/week.  All of your concerns are our concerns.  Our one and only goal is to resolve your case to your complete and utter satisfaction.

you are not alone

our professional services Include:

At the Stotter Law Office, we believe that your representation includes all of the collateral aspects of your case, even if not directly related to the charges.  Criminal accusations can result in personal, emotional, and family stress.  In some cases it may impact your professional and employment status.  We recognize that dealing with these issues may be essential to the successful resolution of your case.

Issues that may arise in Criminal law

  • Violation of your constitutional rights
  • IIllegal search and seizure
  • Discriminatory prosecution or enforcement of the law
  • Concealment of exculpatory evidence

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