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Senior Attorney: Jeffrey Craig Stotter

Jeffrey Stotter has been practicing law in Northern California since 1990.  He is admitted to practice before all courts in the State of California, the United States District Courts for the Northern and Eastern Districts of California, the Federal Courts of Appeal for the 3rd and 9th Districts, and the Supreme Court of the United States of America. He is a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the California Public Defenders Association, the National College for DUI Defense, the National Coalition of Concerned Professionals, the American Civil Liberties Union,  the NAACP, and the American, California, and Santa Cruz Bar Associations.  He has been Board Certified as a Specialist in Criminal Law by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization since 1994.

Principal Investigator: Darren Davison

Darren Davison is our principal in-house private investigator.  Darren has over 34 years experience in criminal and civil investigations, insurance investigations and other investigative work. He is bilingual and biliterate in Spanish/English. He has extensive experience in locating, interviewing and interacting with a wide range of people from the community – from the legal, medical and technical fields to educational, retail and agricultural arenas. He has interviewed thousands of witnesses, clients, and their families in English and Spanish, and prepares detailed and accurate reports of these contacts. He now serves as Principal Investigator at the Stotter Law Office, providing services including witness interviews, background checks, crime scene analysis, evidence examination and translation services.

Administrative and Legal Assistant: Christina Turner

Christina will be your main point of contact with our office throughout the pendency of your case.  Christina performs the day to day functions involved in running our office, including dealing with DMV and other administrative agencies, obtaining information, discovery and police reports from the District Attorney’s office, preparing correspondence and legal documents, and attending to team management and scheduling.

The Stotter Law Office is a Family

At the Stotter Law Office, we like to think of our clients as part of our family.  We care about them beyond our role as their attorneys,  and we never forget that our clients are people first, and that they are not defined by the events that led them to hire us.  Your individual concerns, goals, and well-being is as important to us as the successful resolution of your case.  

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

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remember the past

Since 1992

Jeffrey Stotter started the Stotter Law Office in 1992, after practicing civil and corporate litigation for several years in San Francisco. Since that time, he has devoted his career to defending and protecting the rights of the accused in any and every way possible.

communication is key

personal service

making a start

The first step in dealing with every problem in life is to identify it and begin taking steps to defeat it.  Likewise, the first step in dealing with a criminal accusation and prosecution is to hire an outstanding and experienced attorney to navigate you through the minefield of the legal system.  We are ready and able to meet with you at your convenience to discuss your case and how we can help you.

get to know each other

We will do our best to provide transparency in our methods. We will take every opportunity to discuss with you the strategy and options as to how we will handle your case..

understanding your rights

We are always here to explain what we are doing and why, and to help you understand the laws and rights that impact your situation.

determining your goals

We understand that your individual goals for your case may be unique. Whether it is protecting your family, preserving your professional license, or simply avoiding jail or prison time, your goals will become our goals proceeding with your case.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Often there are collateral issues not directly involving your case that nonetheless may impact our success in getting you the results you expect.  This may involve media control (newspaper and TV coverage), community support,  family counseling, administrative issues (State Professional Licensing Boards, etc.), or other important aspects of your life that may directly affect your case.  We assume guidance as much (or as little) as you may desire of us.

The Only Good Fight is One You Win!

our team of experts are here for you

At the Stotter Law Office, we provide a team approach to your defense.  We employ private investigators, forensic toxicology, DNA, and other experts, associated immigration, professional licensing attorneys and IT professionals to provide an exhaustive defense.

Forensic Toxicology: Jeffery L. Zehnder, Drug Detection Laboratories, Inc.

DDL toxicologists provide scientific evaluation of DUIs involving alcohol and drugs, and in other criminal cases such as clandestine drug manufacture or drug facilitated sexual assaults. Experts from DDL are qualified and testify as expert witnesses in the field of toxicology in both superior and municipal courts in California. Testimony involves both analytical aspects of toxicology and pharmacological interpretation of the effects of drugs on people.  DDL also provides independent testing and verification of prosecution chemical analysis of forensic alcohol and drugs.

DNA and Independent Evidence Analysis:  Forensic Analytical Crime Lab

Forensic Analytical Crime Lab was founded in 1994 by David Kahane employing the philosophy, beliefs and teachings of Paul L. Kirk, general acknowledged as the father of American modern forensics. Kirk believed that the best forensic analysis is done when experts from a variety of disciplines work together, in the same room and at the same time, to discuss, brainstorm, and build on each other’s expertise. Working together scientists come to the most complete and accurate conclusions.  In cases where DNA or other scientific analysis is involved, we work closely with the experts at FACB to prepare independent review, which will often result in the means to challenge prosecution DNA evidence, and present alternative defense theories and interpretations which can demonstrate our clients’ innocence.

Associate Immigration Counsel:  Hamlyn & Guerrero, Santa Cruz

Our office will consult with attorneys from the Hamlyn and Guerrero firm in cases where criminal charges or convictions may result in consequences to our clients’ immigration or residency status in the United States.

Associate Professional License Counsel: Chudnovsky Law Office, Los Angeles

For our clients with professional licenses (Medical, Nursing, Real Estate, Law, etc.), we work closely with attorneys from the Chudnovsky Law Office for assistance in challenging administrative suspension or action against your professional license as the result of criminal charges or conviction.  Depending on the case, we can often prevent the licensing agency from suspending our clients’ license.

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Although no lawyer can claim a 100% success rate, we truly believe that we are able to help every client that retains us.  Whether it is proving your innocence or mitigating the consequences, we can help.

Although every case is different, Jeffrey Stotter has won the vast majority of cases he has taken to trial, and has achieved  success in satisfactorily settling those he has not.  This proven track record can be instrumental in achieving a favorable negotiated settlement of your case.

That is our one and only goal.  We will fight for you.  We will believe in you.  We will stand between you and a merciless legal system that seeks to destroy you.  We will champion your cause in every way possible.  The force is strong in the SLO.

You can expect our tireless, relentless, and exceptional efforts on your behalf.  We promise to diligently and passionately stand behind you in whatever is to come.

Call our office or click the New Client tab below to request an immediate appointment for a consultation with Mr. Stotter.

Possibly a more important question is what is it worth?  Your freedom, your reputation, your peace of mind.  However, the overall monetary cost for attorney fees will depend on the complexity of your case, the severity of the charges,  and the time anticipated that it will take to achieve the desired results.  Cases which proceed to trial are obviously the most costly and time consuming.  However, it will usually be possible to pay an initial retainer representing the minimum cost it will take to engage our services, which can be supplemented as needed as your case proceeds.  Mr. Stotter will determine the overall fees for your case at the time of your initial consultation.

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