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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

A Domestic Violence conviction can have serious and long term consequences.  Even a misdemeanor conviction can result in mandatory jail time, counseling and classes, and loss of gun rights from ten years to life.  A felony Domestic Violence can result in a commitment to State Prison.

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Allegations of Family Violence

  • Battery of a Spouse or Person with "Dating Relationship"
  • Assault of a Spouse or Person with "Dating Relationship"
  • Battery of a Spouse or Person with "Dating Relationship" with Injury
  • Assault of a Spouse or Person with "Dating Relationship" with Injury
  • Child Abuse or Neglect

Defenses To Domestic Violence Charges

  • Any injury was accidental;
  • The injuries did not result from the defendant’s actions;
  • The defendant acted in self-defense or defense of another person
  • The victim made a false accusation.
  • The victim had ulterior motives for fabrication
  • Police coerced the victim into his or her statement.

Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction


At the STOTTER LAW OFFICE, we have extensive experience representing individuals charged with domestic violence and have won trials and achieved dismissals for individuals so charged.

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know your rights

Persons charged with Domestic Violence have the same constitutional rights guaranteed all persons accused of a crime..  This includes the rights to remain silent, to have independent retests of any chemical testing performed by the police,  and to challenge the veracity of the accusations against you.

You are part of Our family.

At the Stotter Law Office, our clients are family.  We are there for you, 24 hours/day, seven days/week.  All of your concerns are our concerns.  Our one and only goal is to resolve your case to your complete and utter satisfaction.

you are not alone

At the Stotter Law Office, we believe that your representation includes all of the collateral aspects of your case, even if not directly related to the charges.  Criminal accusations can result in personal, emotional, and family stress.  In some cases it may impact your professional and employment status.  We recognize that dealing with these issues may be essential to the successful resolution of your case.

Issues that may arise in Criminal law

  • Violation of your constitutional rights
  • IIllegal search and seizure
  • Discriminatory prosecution or enforcement of the law
  • Concealment of exculpatory evidence

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